It's Time Season One
Season One, Episode 1
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Season One of It's Time began on January 26th 2013.


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Image Title Original Airdate
FirstSteps 1. "First Steps" January 26th 2013

Plot: After a long time waiting, Martin Fain, resident Math teacher at William McKinley High School finally takes the first step in his dream and starts up a Glee Club; New Directions. Many students audition for the club and are determined to reach their dreams and make this year, their year. Rose struggles to get over her past with her family. Garrett and Heather strike up a new friendship. Stephanie and Melissa are determined to do their family proud and Ben struggles to wipe the slate clean. The Glee Club learn their place on the school social chain as Avery and the Cheerios slushie them, branding them 'losers'.

Singles: "A Thousand Years" (Rose), "Mine" (Heather), "Somewhere Only We Know" (Stephanie), "I Look To You" (Melissa), "Viva La Vida" (Ben), "Thinking About You" (Garrett), "Here I Go Again" (New Directions)

Impressions 2. "Impressions" February 2nd 2013

Plot: TBA.

Singles: "Six Degrees of Seperation" (Scott), "In The End" (Kevin), "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" (Lilly), "Brokenhearted" (Cassidy), "Defying Gravity" (Abelle), "Everything Has Changed" (Garrett and Ben), "Come Together" (New Directions)

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Title Original Air Date
First Steps January 26th 2013
Impressions February 2nd 2013